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Home Buyer Burnout

2022, Adobe Fresco

I made a cover illustration for the Real-Estate section of the Washington Post about the article 'This topsy-turvy housing market can help burned-out buyers reset'. The article talks about the fatigue that home buyers have been experiencing with the current housing market, high competition, limited listings, home prices, and low supply... All of the issues that have been printed on the hot balloons are taking home buyers' dream homes away. However, the situation will gradually shift, hopefully.


I provided a couple of designs, using hot balloons to signify the bubbles of the current house market, and how those bubbles are taking people's dreams away. This unbalanced situation continues as one side goes up and the other side comes down, so I also used elevators to depict the story. These issues are also like burdens that home buyers have to carry when climbing up to their dream homes, which made things harder.

Dwuan June is an amazing art director who went along with the idea of flying away home, which I think is most impactful.


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