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The Dragon Festival 端午安康

2022, Adobe Fresco

Inspired by the Dragon festival, I made this image to bring some summer breeze. Tdf commemorates the poet Qu Yuan who was much loved by ppl in ancient China, the legend says as he finished his last poem,  he waded in the river as a protest and despair for the corruption around him. The villagers were so in grief they dropped so many rice balls to keep the fish away from his body.

Traditionally we eat Zong zi which is essentially the rice ball has red bean or pork filling (the filling varies in different areas in China) that's wrapped by bamboo leaves. It’s a well-celebrated food for this particular festival, and they look like mountain shapes to me. People usually use colorful strings to close the wrap, which I layed on the bamboo leaf boat.


Tdf happens at the start of June which is such a lovely time of the year, perfect weather before getting too hot. Now that it’s gonna get hot soon, I hope to bring a little nice breeze with this greeny image to you all.

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